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Writer's group for Chuck fanfic
Like so many, this is the sort of community that the members either make or break. The more active the members are the better the community is. It is my hope that Chuck writers from all backgrounds will join in, help and make this community a fun place to hang out.

Goals: This is a community for writers of fanfic for the tv show Chuck. Its purpose is to help with and encourage writing for this fandom. It’s for everyone from the beginner writer to the most seasoned among us. No matter what level you are at, you are welcome to come here and seek out help with your work.


-Het, slash, gen; it doesn't matter what you write. You are welcome.
-Writers tips (grammar, on plotting, characterization, etc), asking canon related questions, profiles or essays on the characters and/or ships, asking questions about spy life, the military, retail, techie information and nerd trivia. If you’ve done your own research and would like to share it, you are also welcome.
-Adult focused material is allowed, so if you need help with your latest smut scene, feel free to ask. If you also wish to give advice on writing a sex scene feel free to do so.

Not allowed:
-This is not a community for posting fanfic. There are plenty of places to do that already.
-As stated above this is a community that allows advice/questions for het, slash and gen fic. If you have issues with any of that and plan to be vocal about said fact, you are not welcome here.
-People are coming here for advice. Be nice and try to help if you can. Do not belittle them in any way, unless you are looking to get banned.
-If you wish to place ads for you own comminuties, challenges, etc, please ask first. I'll tell you right off though that they must be Chuck or writing related.